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The ancient children of Behemoth who once held dominion over the deep ocean. They are now a husk of their former selves, cursed to dwell on land. They carve out a simplistic life for themselves on their island home, keeping mostly to themselves.

Starting Attribute Scores: Strength 12, Agility 9, Intellect 10, Will 11.
Perception equals your Intellect score.
Defense equals your Agility score.
Health equals your Strength score +5.
Healing Rate equals one-quarter of your Health, rounded down.
Size: 2 Speed: 8 Power: 0
Damage: 0 Insanity: 0 Corruption: 0
Languages and Professions: You speak the Free Tongue (Common) and the Salt Tongue. You can also speak with and understand fish, crabs, and other sea animals.
Blood Sense: You make challenge rolls to scent or track blood or bleeding creatures with 1 boon. You make these challenge rolls with 2 boons while in water or underwater.
Curse of Leviathan: You make attack rolls and challenge rolls; except ones made to swim, with 1 bane when in contact with salt water.
Natural Weapons: You can attack with your toothy maw. They count as a basic weapon that deals 1d6 damage.

Level 4 Expert Rechinul
Health +7
You either learn one spell or gain Blood Frenzy.
Blood Frenzy: You make attack rolls against bleeding creatures with 1 boon. You also make attack rolls with your toothy maw against bleeding creatures with 1 additional boon.

Way of Equilibrium

Monastic Order

One of my favorite movies of the 90-00s era was Equilibrium. Not because it had a thrilling narrative, but because the action was interesting and new. It featured a concept known as Gun Kata (not to be confused with Gun Fu), which returned in a fashion with the film Ultraviolet. That is where this subclass draws its roots. A martial arts tradition designed to merge firearms and self defense with specialized katas.

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Circle of the Varmint

Druid Circle

A random subclass thought that just slammed into my brain randomly the other night while thinking about weird west settings and how rare desert settings are in D&D. This Druid Circle takes on the role of an enigmatic trickster who calls the sandy wastes home. A master of illusions and deception with a wicked sense of humor. Depending on how you wish to play it, this subclass could be a deceptive and mysterious wanderer who hails from the wastelands or a fun-loving nature lover with a quirky sense of humor and the ability to turn themselves into the D&D approximation of Wil E. Coyote. No matter the path you choose, you can walk it as a member of the Circle of the Varmint.

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Path of Doom

Primal Path

I had been resisting the urge to make something like this since the Doom Eternal release and finally caved after seeing a few other takes on the concept of the Doom Slayer as a subclass that just didn’t feel like what I wanted to see. So I decided to get to work and ended up birthing this ranged weapon focused Barbarian subclass. I also added a small collection of Doom Eternal Weapons at the end. So here it is! Forge onward into the pits of hell and beyond as you follow the Path of Doom.

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Way of the Steelsoul

Monastic Order

We’ve all thought about it before, how cool it would be to play a fire, water, air, or earth bender like those in the Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra universes. And for many the numerous “fixed” Way of the Four Elements Monks allow that to some degree, but for me that didn’t satisfy the type of bender I wanted. Metalbenders. So I set to work on this monk subclass. The Steelsoul does things no other monk can, most striking among those… wearing armor. So if you like the idea of a metal-clad Monk manipulating metals, this is a subclass for you.

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Martial Archetype Changelog

Martial Archetype
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As some may have noticed I’ve recently changed the page style I use for my Homebrew content. So I’m in the process of updating all my old subclasses. Martial Archetypes were the obvious starting point so here we are. While I was in the process I decided to make some updates and revisions to the actual Homebrew themselves. 

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School of the Luminary

Arcane Tradition

The 3rd of the Torch-centric subclasses I have been working on. Following the Torchbearer and Fire-Swallower, comes a Wizard subclass. The School of the Luminary is all about harnessing the light and flame as both tools and weapons to guide allies, uncover the truth, and expel the darkness. Much like the previous subclasses in this series, you can expand the range of light sources you carry and benefit allies within that area. As a member of this School, you can swap damage types between fire and radiant on your spells, control your own body temperature perfectly, and shelter your allies from the harshness of heat and light. So go forth Luminary, find the darkest places and lay them bare with your blinding light!

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